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As a global manufacturer MAN develop, manufacture and sell pioneering products of excellent quality for an endless array of applications. As well as being used in the Group’s own trucks, buses and coaches, you can rely on MAN engines to power your vessel. 

MAN engines deliver maximum efficiency. Modern, state-of-the-art technologies, provide the lowest fuel consumption levels, top power to weight ratios and maximum reliability, all while preserving longevity.

Along with high and immediate torque at low rev ranges, these features make MAN an unbeatable combination in the marine environment.

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The MAN network in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji is run by Seapower Australia. Seapower has been the sole authorised MAN importer since the early 1990's and has been a marine industry leader for over 30 years. 

Seapower's authorised MAN dealer network supports MAN high speed engines for the marine engine market. MAN Automotive engines are supported through the separate Truck and Bus network. MAN medium and low speed diesel engines are supported through the MAN Diesel & Turbo network.

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The MAN authorised network provides peace of mind that your engines are being serviced and repaired by the very best technicians available.


The authorised network not only have access to genuine MAN marine parts and oils, but they also use the correct tooling and have undergone factory training.

This results in the right parts being fitted with the right tooling, by the right technicians.

Did you know that if one of our technicians fits a genuine MAN part, we will double your parts warranty to 24 months?

Authorised dealers are listed on this website here.




All engines and spare parts are imported directly from Germany. Seapower operates extensive warehouse facilities in Perth, Gold Coast and Auckland. Owners choosing to use non-genuine or MAN automotive parts are warned of the dangers of using such components. MAN marine engines produce huge torque and power and so the need to use the correct parts is essential. Don't jeopardise your engines by using the wrong part!

For parts queries contact your local dealer. Please ensure you have at least your model number - a serial number in addition is preferred - to give us the best chance of finding the exact product you require.

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Always insist on MAN genuine oil. Only MAN genuine oil is blended specifically to meet the high demands of your MAN engine.  Talk to your MAN dealer for details.

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