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To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.



Register with us.

Whether you are an owner, part owner, mechanic or boat importer, we ask everyone to register their engine/s with us.

This allows us to keep track of all the models in the region, which in turn benefits you:

1. Better parts stocking. We can better tailor our parts stocks when we know the make up of the engine fleet. This gives you a better chance of being up and running again, sooner.

2. Recalls and improvements. As rare as they are, recalls can happen. We can only contact you if you are registered and we have your contact details.

3. Service forecasting. Stay in touch so everyone involved in your boat can be better prepared in maintenance planning. Faster, more accurate parts planning, leads to more efficient servicing and less downtime.

4. Ease of identification. If we know your engine details, its ok if you don't! Registration allows any mechanic to ID your boat, without needing to visit and even if there is change in the owner, name, location or mechanic. Quicker ID leads to a quicker and more accurate response for service which saves you time and money.


Fill in the form below with some basic details and we promise not to pass your information on to any 3rd party.

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