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Updated: Jul 24, 2020

MAN Engines for Commercial Shipping

MAN’s International Engine Competence Centre in Nuremberg has fitted out the new flagship of Dalby Offshore’s fleet. Equipped with two MAN D2862 LE 456 V12 engines, the catamaran can call upon a total of 3300 HP (2427 kW) and accelerate to a top speed of up to 30 knots. With a length of 26 metres, the ‘Wind Farm Supply Vessel’ – WSV for short – is not only the largest vessel in the fleet of UK ship operator Dalby Offshore, it is also the most powerful in its class.

Thanks to the MAN D2862 LE456 twin-engine system, the catamaran Dalby Ouse can claim the title of ‘most powerful Wind Farm Supply Vessel’

The 1650 HP (1213 kW) D2862 LE 456 is the second most powerful V12 engine for work boats in MAN Engines’ portfolio. The power package draws its strength from 24.24 l displacement. Thanks to its twin-engine system, the WSV can accelerate to up to 30 knots (55.6 km/h) and is in operation for up to twelve hours on working days.

For particularly long journeys, the Dalby Ouse offers eleven sleeping berths: eight for passengers and three for the crew. In order to ensure that despite its function as a powerful work boat the vessel can yet offer a suitable level of travelling comfort, Dalby opted for the smooth-running MAN engine, which can maintain low noise and vibration levels even at high speeds. In addition, the engineers mounted the superstructures on springs to further optimize comfort.

Other important characteristics that need to be fulfilled by WSVs include the ability to cover an appropriate operating range, to exhibit improved behaviour in strong swells and to stay in position at the wind turbine even in rough seas to allow for the technicians to cross over safely.¬ The catamaran, specially adapted for these requirements, can also transport 20 tonnes of equipment and 24 passengers plus crew members, which makes it ideal for crew transfers and supply runs to wind farms.

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