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MAN powers Next-Gen Patrol Boat fleet for Singapore

MAN Engines for Commercial Shipping

Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore, 9 August 2020

The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) launched six next-generation patrol craft to enhance its frontline capabilities to ensure navigational safety, and enhance the protection of the marine environment in the Port of Singapore.

The new patrol craft replace the fleet of six which have operated since 2012. Each benefits from the latest technology in the engine department in the form of twin MAN V8-900's.

With aluminium construction, the MPA's commitment to the latest and best technology does not end there. Singapore's frontline force is equipped with the Intelligent Port Marine System to enhance MPA’s seaward capabilities in conducting enforcement patrols and responding to marine emergencies.

The 17m craft possess new surveillance capabilities such as the multi-sensor marine thermal cameras, chemical gas detectors and drones. Each patrol craft also has a rescue boat fitted with a man overboard recovery system and towing capabilities for small craft to support search and rescue operations. Equipped with a dispersant spray system and containment booms, the patrol craft can also be deployed to respond to oil spills.

The MPA's official press release can be viewed here.

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