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MAN is a large company with many divisions and business units, operating in most countries around the world.
Consequently, it can be difficult to find the right MAN division for you. 


However, every division benefits from MAN's commitment to excellence, innovation and high quality technologically advanced products, delivering users a host of advantages for efficient, low cost, reliable operation. 

Here is a quick snapshot:

MAN Energy Systems and Prime Serv


Engines tend to be 3000kW and above, serving large scale and industrial projects.
Typically low speed and 2 stroke.

Smaller engines in MAN ES range start to cross over with the larger models provided by Marine and Off Highway. 

Industries include interests in:

  • Oil & Gas

  • Process Industry

  • Energy & Storage

  • Marine (large, commercial)

Global website:

Australian website:


MAN Truck and Bus

"On Highway"


Full support of all MAN vehicles for on highway applications, typically truck and bus. Trucks and cabs

Buses and Chassis

Second hand vehicles

  • Parts

  • Accessories

  • Service

  • Support

  • Finance

  • Warranty


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All MAN Divisions benefit from advanced research and development.

As part of MAN’s commitment to the decarbonisation of the planet and their pledge to be an innovator in clean and sustainable power, MAN are quickly becoming a leader in smart sustainable electrical solutions.


Whilst the phasing out of internal combustion engines (ICE) is inevitable, there are applications where our current technology needs to be further developed. MAN have developed intermediate solutions to ensure MAN customers have access to the cleanest and most environmentally credentialed engines.  

This leads to MAN becoming the world leading innovator in all areas of engine development with current energy solutions including:

  • Electric

  • Hybrid

  • Hydrogen

  • Dual Fuel

  • All alternative fuels 

  • Fuel cells

  • ...more!

MAN Marine
MAN "Off Highway"


Representing Engines and equipment of up to 1600kW / 2400hp,  6 cylinder, V8 and V12 models. 

Larger range can start to cross over with smaller range offered by MAN Energy Systems.

  • Parts

  • Accessories

  • Service

  • Technical Support

  • Warranty

Key markets:

  • Marine - commercial & pleasure

  • Power Generation 

  • Auxillary Engines

  • Agricultural Machinery

  • Construction & Special Machinery

  • Rail

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