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MAN chosen by Lamborghini.

MAN Engines for Pleasure boats

Seapower,16 June 2022

When you're a luxury car maker like Lamborghini, you tend to take care of all the finer details. You ensure every component you put into a car is absolutely top notch, from the stitching in the leather to the engine and drivetrain. Designers and engineers come together to produce a car that both performs and looks the part to meet all the expectations of a demanding clientele.

Lamborghini have partnered with Tecnomar Yachts to produce a boat that embodies the style and spirit of their cars – and what a boat it is. Imagine a Lambo on water and that’s exactly what this is, with a few little extras thrown in. Carbon fibre, leather, fighter pilot style cockpit, dashboard from the future, you get the idea. The 63 foot, ultra fast luxury cruiser has the style and price tag you'd expect.

There's probably no surprises here. But when it comes to the engine, they had to look outside the car factory. Lamborghini had to source an engine to faithfully replace their car engine and the expectations that come with it.

The engine they chose, above every option available is MAN. The specific reasons are numerous but boil down to MAN being unbeatable when it comes to delivering the ultimate engine package. Twin V12's deliver over 4000hp from a size and weight like no other engine to get you moving over 60 knots. Extreme performance is achieved by MAN's extremely high torque early in the rev range with staggeringly good fuel efficiency. A smooth, responsive ride, with low vibration, noise and gas emissions finish the picture.

The 63 will set you back over AU$5m but the good news is the same engines are available to you and your boat for much less. Whether it’s a commercial boat or your version of a Lamborghini-on-water, a MAN engine will ensure your boat is the best version of itself possible. Talk to Seapower about your boat project.

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